Train Wreck News: Anthology

For the convenience of both my critics and my faithful readers, I provide here links to my posts on the subject of the PPACA (Obamacare, aka the “Affordable Care Act”)

The Silver Lining (July 2012 – the SCOTUS decision reviewed)

PPACA Resolution? Think Again (No, there are lots more challenges)

Health Care “Exchange” – Not what it Seems (It’s not a “marketplace”)

Why “Active Purchaser”? (How and why MNSure restricts markets)

Hard to Believe (HHS extortion)

Facts are Stubborn Things (The lies start to unravel)

Latest on the Great Train Wreck (doctors rebel)

Death Panel of One (HHS rations critical care)

The Great Train Wreck: update (many links)

The Great Train Wreck: News from Canada (A Canadian horror story)

A Quiet Revolution (Doctors who serve patients, not third parties)

The Great Train Wreck: Incentives Matter (The 30 hour week)

Can the President Change the Law? (Waivers and the Rule of Law)

Latest on the Train Wreck: Hissy Fit (PPACA – immutable law)

PPACA Oops (the $10,000 divorce)

Train Wreck News: Collateral Damage (attacking charity care)

Free Lunch! (the sales job)

Train Wreck News: Current Lawsuits (The many court cases still pending)

Train Wreck: The Threat of Charitable Care (killing charity care)

What’s to Like Here? (celebrating dependency)

Train Wreck News: Lies? (no, you can’t keep it.)

Train Wreck News: What Care? (Insurance, yes. Care? no.)

Train Wreck News: Reality Bites (Rejecting truth to serve agenda)

Does the President Read my Blog? (No credibility, but no shame.)

Train Wreck News: “Encouragement” (More extortion to save the agenda)

This story is by no means over. I will continue to comment in future posts.

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