About Don Lee

Don Lee was born in St. Paul in 1956 and grew up in Highland Park and Edina. His parents were divorced early in his life, and he was raised by the tag team of his mother, father and step parents on both sides. He got his early faith in Sunday School at Macalester Presbyterian Church.

After graduating from Edina High School, he attended the University of Minnesota, and continued courting his high school sweetheart, Connie. In 1978, they married – at Macalester Presbyterian Church. He earned his B. S. in Computer Science in 1980, beginning his adult worklife in Eagan, MN developing software for the U.S. Navy.

Moving to Eagan in 1980, they made their home there, buying a house in 1985. It is there that they raised their 3 children.

Since 1980, Don has held various positions in engineering and management at Cray Research, Adaptec, Instrumental, Inc, and others. He has also run a small Internet Service Provider (ISP) since 1998.

Don has always had strong views about politics. He is an admirer of Milton Friedman, and has always had a passion for the principles of ordered liberty. Before 2008, he has had many spirited discussions with friends, neighbors and acquaintances about politics and policy.

In Feb 2008, Don saw clearly that conversations are not enough. To fulfill his duty as a citizen, Don decided he would have to get involved. He chose to caucus with the Republican party because he wanted to make a real difference in politics, and the GOP was closer to his views. In 2008, Don became a delegate to the BPOU 39a convention, Congressional District (CD) 2, and the GOP state convention. In 2009, he became deputy chairman of BPOU 39a, and continues to be an activist in the GOP, active in both local and state party activities.

The redistricting of 2010-2011 changed Don’s house district to 52B, but the issues remained the same. He continued his involvement, joining the board of the LEA, and as chairman of the local GOP. He also has maintained a blog on Patch.com dealing with public policy issues.

Don believes that we are a strong and resilient people, fully capable of governing ourselves and government should be our servant, not our master. If you agree, he is asking for your vote.

See where Don stands on the issues.