The Importance of Endorsements

Character is a requirement in a candidate for public office. Integrity is not optional. Knowing the difference between right and wrong is essential. Discipline to act on that integrity is equally important. Because character is important, references and endorsements are key, because voters seldom get a chance to get to know a candidate personally.

I have encouraged friends, colleagues, and neighbors to say something about me that they are willing to share.

Endorsements are posted on this page with a little bit of information about the person doing the endorsement. I have removed specific personal data, such as phone numbers and addresses just because posting them publicly is an invitation to abuse by foreign hackers and identity thieves. Detailed data is available to anyone who has a legitimate need.

I offer these endorsements with humility here. I am grateful for their kind words.

This page will be updated if/when more become available.

 Organizational endorsements

Minnesota Republican Party, district 52B – 2014

Minnesota Republican Liberty Caucus – 2014

Individual endorsements

Bob Peterson – colleague from my college days. We worked together at the MN DNR, and have kept in touch over the years.

03 September 2014

To Whom It May Concern,

I’ve personally known Don Lee since 1980. I remember many occasions where we used to play games with his family and talk about the state of the world. I can honestly say that Don has more “common sense” than any man I’ve ever known. These days that’s very rare, let alone for a politician. I was surprised when Don told me he was running for Minnesota House, but I think it’s great: he’s always been interested in political issues and we need more common sense in government.

Don is fair, honest and informed on the issues facing Minnesota and the nation in general. He’s also family oriented: in the 1980s, when he and Connie raised their children, he didn’t own a television: He wanted his kids to think for themselves and be brought up as a family, not by a television baby sitter. As a senior computer analyst, I can tell you that Don is more intelligent than most of the computer programmers out there, and that says a lot.

Politically, I consider myself a Libertarian, which means Don and I don’t always see eye to eye on the issues, but I can tell you this: Don is level-headed and fair. He’s openminded and carefully listens to all sides of every argument, and he votes for what he thinks is right for the people and his conscience. And he often brings up points I hadn’t even considered.

There is no better person than Don Lee to represent the average person, and no one I’d rather vote for. Please support him in his efforts.


Robert Peterson

Larry Sachi is my treasurer and has been a wonderful supporter and friend. He is currently active in district 52A as Republican chairman.

I’ve known Don Lee and worked with him in politics for around 7 years. Don is very strong on his views on limited government and respect for life. He stands up for his principles. He doesn’t believe in government subsidy for campaigns and refused to accept it even though he did qualify. He is very personable and willing to consider others point of view and will thoughtfully take them in consideration. He will let you know if he agrees or disagrees and gives you the reasons in a very conversational and friendly way. When elected to a position, he takes it seriously and works hard to fulfill his duties and get others involved. I know as a legislature his focus will be on our individual freedom always asking “should this be truly a function of government.”

I wholeheartedly endorse Don for the state legislature.


Larry Sachi, Chair – 52A Republicans

I’ve known Tim Utz primarily through working with him on the LEA board.  He is currently the Constitution party candidate for house in district 41B.

I have enjoyed working with Don Lee on the Legislative Evaluation Assembly Board as we developed the 2013 report. Don exhibited deep thought on Constitutional issues and limited government during our working together. I would be honored to extend our working relationship from the LEA to the Minnesota House floor during the next Legislature and encourage people living in Don’s district to vote Don Lee for 2014.

Tim Utz