Letters to the Editor

Don Lee has written regularly to the St. Paul Pioneer Press, and is frequently published.  Here is a sampling of his letters.

Letter to the Editor Published 14 Oct 2010

“ Too small, too big or just right?”

Our race for governor this year illustrates three views of
government more clearly than any election that I can remember.
Is government too small, too large, or about right?

Mark Dayton represents the "too small" idea.  Mr Dayton says the
state does not have enough money or power.  If we give government
more money and more power, it will solve our problems. 

Tom Emmer represents the "too big" idea.  He believes that
government is usually not the solution.  It's the problem.
Government needs to be trimmed, and its power curtailed.
Free people can solve their own problems, if the government
gets out of the way.

Tom Horner represents the "just right" view.  Government is
 neither too large nor too small.  No radical changes are
required, only good management and a little innovation.

In the last two years we have seen what comes from the
"too small" philosophy in Washington - takeovers, bailouts,
over-regulation and economic stagnation.  As for the "just right"
view, does anyone actually believe that a few tweaks will fix
what's broken?

Our state is at a crossroads.  Will we stand up and shoulder
our responsibilities as citizens, or will we exchange our
freedom for the false security of politicians' promises?

Consider your votes carefully this Nov. 2nd.