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This campaign is about you. It is about self government. It is about voters expecting and demanding that they be free to speak, to produce, and to run their own lives. It is about ensuring our own freedom by protecting the freedom of others.

Everything we do costs money – signs, advertising, gasoline to travel to campaign events, and postage all add up fast. We have to reach out to 25,000 voters! Your contribution is vital to winning in November 2016.

Your contribution is a trust you place in us, and we take that seriously. Every dollar raised will be spent frugally, and treated like the hard-earned dollar it is.

I will bring that same tightfisted care to the Minnesota Legislature.

Campaign finance laws require:

    • Contributions over $20 must include the name and address of the donor. (Using the PayPal link below helps provide this information.)
    • Contributions over $200 must include the occupation and employer of the donor. Please add this on the PayPal form in the field provided. (This can be left blank for contributions under $200)
    • Individuals are limited to a total contribution of $1000 during an election cycle.
    • Contributions must be made by American citizens, and from personal funds. (not from corporate funds or organizations.)
    • We cannot accept contributions during legislative sessions from lobbyists, political committees or funds, or associations not registered with MN campaign finance board (see below)

Thank you for supporting our efforts!

For information on legislative sessions read here.

I am not wealthy. I rely completely on you, my donors. Help me reach out to the voters in our district. Let’s have that conversation. No more special interest awards, and no more cute polls. Let’s get some principled leadership in November 2016.

Thank you!

-Don Lee

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Checks can be made out to “Don Lee for Minnesota House” and sent to:
Don Lee for House
Lary Sachi – Treasurer
955 Felix St
West St Paul, MN 55118