Every issue represents a decision, and every decision has pros and cons. My job is to tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear. My standard is not what will get me elected, but the truth.

A Bright Future

We live in an amazing, wonderful age. Cell phones, 3D printers, medical miracles are commonplace today. These things were the stuff of dreams 50 years ago, or were available only to the wealthy. Today, these are common reality. Even hunger, worldwide, is declining. We have our troubles, but also tremendous success and progress. The USA is truly the city on a hill.

Not only does our “system” work, but it is the best in the world. Our founders gave us a legal foundation that unleashed the creative energy of millions of people, with amazing results. Our best path forward is not to transform that foundation, but to understand and revitalize it. Private properly, Rule of Law, Personal Responsibility, and limited government are not obstacles to “progress”. They are essential pillars of our foundation.

Our Responsibilities

Our peace and prosperity depend on our foundation, and we must not take that foundation for granted. The engine of our prosperity is our free economy, but that engine depends utterly on the honesty and integrity of every citizen. Our freedom depends more on honest dealing and truthful citizenship than it does on police work and a strong military.  The most important responsibilities of citizenship are daily and personal.

We must value, protect, and defend our accomplishments, both as individuals and as a nation. Finding and fixing faults, is necessary, but tearing down our founders, our founding documents and our culture helps no one.

Our Future

My campaign will be about our future – not a future where we use government to exercise power over each other, but where we restore the place of government as the servant of proud and independent citizens.

Our duty is self-government, and it’s time to take that seriously. Ben Franklin described it well with his comment about our “republic, if we can keep it”. (add link)

On Freedom

Our founders did not intend that we have unrestrained freedom. They laid the foundation for ordered liberty. It is not liberty to do as we please, but liberty to do what is right. Our political processes support a robust debate over what that means. Government should not be not a tool to enable some of us to exercise power over others without their consent.

Join me in launching a serious debate this election season.

I believe that government has become too big, too complex, too intrusive and too expensive. State government has gone far beyond its proper role. Our elites tell us that they know what’s best for us, and they need to manage our lives, and protect us, even from ourselves.They stand between us and our local schools, our doctors, and our employers.

Our founding fathers created our constitutional republic to protect the God-given rights of the people.  Government has no power to grant those rights, and no legitimate authority to take them away.

As Ronald Reagan used to say: “The People have a government, not the other way around.”

My campaign focus is to put The People back into their proper role, and restore self-govenment to Minnesota.

On Power

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On Life

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