Self Government

Civic Duty

Can we come together to address the issues of public roads, taxation, health care, education, and our economy?

I say yes.

In Federalist #1, Alexander Hamilton asked the question: “whether societies of men are really capable or not of establishing good government from reflection and choice, or whether they are forever destined to depend for their political constitutions on accident and force.”

Hamilton’s question, put simply, is whether we can rule ourselves, or whether we need a king to rule us. Are we up to the task of running our own affairs? Are we capable of self government?

Our founders said yes, and they left us a republic with a constitution, and the duty to “keep it“.

Self-government is easier when there is no crisis, no threat, no disaster, no insecurity. It is easier if prosperity is guaranteed. It is easier when there is no disagreement about how things should be done.

Unfortunately, that’s all fantasy. In the real world, prosperity is never assured. There are always threats, crises, foreign opponents testing us, and internal enemies threatening our safety. Our founders knew this well. We are reminded of it regularly. 9/11, Oklahoma City, the 2008 financial mess, San Bernadino.

My campaign is about self-government. I agree with our founders. I say we can come together. We can address our problems, and we can do it on the basis of reason and choice. We can master our fate. We need not be driven by the currently fashionable crisis. Yes, we can, and should, let those frequent crises “go to waste”.

We are not only the most prosperous, but the most generous society on earth. We abide by our laws, and follow our constitution to work out our differences to make new law. Self government starts with self. It is not a tool to control others. Self government requires personal responsibility and accountability. We then need honest, candid leadership, not pandering dressed up as policy. We need state government that is frugal with the taxpayers’ money, and know when to say “no”. We need leadership that is concerned with the common good, not the applause of every possible special interest.

My campaign is about self government. It is about having faith in Minnesota. We can govern ourselves. We can run our own affairs. We don’t want or need a king, or an all-powerful government to protect us from every mistake, every offense, every misfortune.

Support my campaign. Stand up for your right and duty to run your own life. Click on “Keep in Touch”, or “Contribute Now”, and talk to your neighbors.

The American Experiment has been the most dramatic success in history, and promises to continue, as long as we “keep it“. Stand up for American values, and the American Experiment.

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